Kelsey Kagan

Canine Companion, Writer

Kelsey is a wanderer and a storyteller. She was always a lover of the outdoors, but it wasn’t until her two rescue pups came into her world that an existence of exploration went from a dream to an absolute necessity. Together they have climbed the tallest mountain in Utah and swam in the Kachemak Bay in Alaska, with hundreds of adventures and naps along the way. While the dogs spend their days sniffing around and chasing flies through camp, Kelsey furiously records their experiences, desperate to remember every moment. She believes that by sharing their lives, others will be inspired to seek out a life against the grain for themselves.
Planning a trip and travelling to camp is where I like to put in the work, but when the engine shuts off I want things to be as straightforward as possible, and I need to be able to set up my table and chairs with one hand while holding a beer in the other. GCI makes it happen for me.

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