GCI Outdoor – The Experts in Portable Recreation Gear

Higganum, Conn. – GCI Outdoor™ has spent the last two decades reinventing the outdoor experience. The days of having to choose whether you want your chair to be comfortable or compact or easy to carry are over – now you can have it all. Innovation is at the core of who GCI Outdoor is as a company, and it is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Co-Presidents, Dan Grace and Jeff Polke, find inspiration in their everyday lives for what products to develop next. So whether you’re enjoying a Pico Arm Chair™ at a soccer match, a BleacherBack™ at a little league game, or the Freestyle Rocker™ out by a fire pit, you can guarantee that they were designed with those activities in mind. “Think Outside™” isn’t just a tagline for them, it’s now memories are made and they’re proud to be part of that experience with consumers.

After 19 years in the outdoor industry, GCI Outdoor continues to bring something to the marketplace that didn’t exist previously. Consumers have come to depend on their commitment to producing high-quality, feature-rich products that truly make the outdoors feel like a home away from home. And looking ahead, we’re excited to see what they have in store for us next.